How Bifidus is Connected to Other Bacteria

Bifidus ActiRegularis® and our unique blend of bacteria



At the time Activia® was developed, yogurt was traditionally fermented at 43°C in acidic conditions that weren’t suitable for Bifidus ActiRegularis® growth. So we began to work on establishing a process and a precise mix of bacteria that would produce more favourable conditions

After years of research, we selected a particular strain of Streptococcus thermophilus and two specific Lactobacillus bulgaricus strains that allow fermentation to occur at 37°C in a less acidic environment. It’s these conditions that enable Bifidus ActiRegularis® to multiply to such high numbers and give Activia® its mild taste. We also include a strain of Lactococcus lactis as part of our exclusive mix, which contributes to the creamy texture of Activia® and may support the growth of Bifidus ActiRegularis® in milk matrix.

It’s our combination of these four strains with Bifidus ActiRegularis® that make Activia® such a unique product.