Building Your Inner Strength | Activia (UK)

Building your inner strength

We all know there are times when we have to draw on our inner strength. Whether it’s tackling a tricky work problem, supporting a loved one through a difficult time or navigating troubled waters at home, being able to draw on our own reserves is an invaluable part of a healthy lifestyle – both mentally and physically. So we’ve put together some techniques that have been proven to help maintain yours.

Make time for yourself
Taking time out to focus on yourself is a great way to recharge your batteries and build your inner strength. Whatever you’re passionate about – whether that’s art, salsa dancing, walks in the country or simply reading a good book – it’s important you schedule time out to do something you enjoy. Even if you’re juggling several other responsibilities, this can help you feel refreshed and bring a sense of balance to your life.

Focus on the positives
In any situation, look for an opportunity to reflect on the positives that can be gained from the experience. And, once the situation is resolved, actively acknowledge what you’ve achieved.

Have something to look forward to
Whether it’s a weekend away, a trip to that show you’ve always wanted to see or a dinner party with old friends – having plans for the future can give you a focus that keeps you going when times are tough.

Make peace and move forward
Making peace with a difficult situation or change in your life is often the biggest step when it comes to moving forwards. Change, for good or for bad, is inevitable, but taking the time to accept this and focus on the future can be a powerful source of inner strength.

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