Good Things Happen At 37 | Activia (UK)

Good things happen at 37°

That creamy texture. That mild taste. Those billions of exclusive live cultures. The uniqueness of Activia simply would not be if we hadn’t kept innovating...

25°C — A sunny day leads to a sour discovery
Yogurt history began when the world’s first yogurt was discovered possibly by chance in Central Asia, where nomadic shepherds carried milk in skin bags that they hung on the back of their camels.
After a long trip under the sun through the process of natural bacterial fermentation, the milk became thick and increased in acidity. Nowadays we simply call this “yogurt”. Thanks to the nomadic nature of these shepherds the popularity of these yogurts started to spread.

43°C — Things start to heat up... and cool down
The world’s first modern yogurt rolls out of Danone kitchens in 1919.
For centuries, yogurts have traditionally been fermented at 43°C in acidic conditions. Fine for some, but not for our exclusive Bifidus. These live bacteria thrive at body temperature, and produce a milder tasting yogurt which is more alkaline. So to keep it in, we had to find a cooler (and tastier) way to ferment our milk.

37°C — Body temperature proves the perfect temperature
The world’s first yogurt, With our exclusive mix of live cultures was crafted by Activia in 1986.
After years of research, we swapped the standard yogurt cultures for 5 specially selected strains that allow fermentation to occur at 37°C in a less acidic environment. Just the kind where our billions of live cultures can thrive — and make Activia creamier and milder.

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