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How to reveal your potential at work

You're successful at work, but it's important that your colleagues and clients not only appreciate this, but also see the potential in you to move forward and upwards. By achieving recognition of your potential, you are taking steps in your career, and you will also find that it gives you even more drive to get there!

Be present
On both a physical and intellectual level, it's important to be present - not just in meetings but any professional conversation that takes place. If you're invited to attend a meeting that doesn't directly concern you, make an effort to attend. Just the fact that you are present will be noticed and appreciated. Challenge yourself to make at least one comment each time. Even if you simply ask a question, or complement someone on their proposal, this will show interest and involvement, which your colleagues will consciously (or unconsciously) recognise and admire.

Regularly following-up on your (or a project's) progress is essential for two reasons. Firstly, if the client/colleague is dissatisfied with an element of your work, you'll know immediately and will be able to deal with the issue before it becomes a problem. On the other hand, if the work is going well, your question will act as a reminder to the client/colleague of your success and efficiency.

Stay positive
Sometimes it can be easier said than done, but an enthusiastic, "can-do" attitude will not only ensure that colleagues enjoy working with you, but will also have a positive effect on your own state of mind.

Show your leadership skills
"Embrace the fact that leadership is never about the technology — it’s always about the people" (Bob Burg). Indeed, leadership is all about people management. Show your skills in diplomacy and guidance by taking more junior colleagues under your wing. By acting as a role model you'll not only gain their respect, but other colleagues will notice your efforts and your natural leadership.

Be a team player
Being a leader is important when it comes to revealing your potential at work. However, it's equally important that you also show how well you work with others. Take the time to listen to others' opinions and avoid negative criticism. Where possible, congratulate team-mates on collective successes and they'll remember you for it.

Use your creativity
You're a naturally insightful and creative person, so make sure your colleagues recognise this! See any problem as an opportunity to use your skills and find a solution before anyone else. Sometimes it helps to think outside the box, and your creative efforts to resolve a setback will be seen in a positive light. Your creativity can also be used for suggestions: how to improve workflow, improve efficacy or streamline a certain process for example. By taking the time to make everyone's lives easier and more efficient, your colleagues will appreciate your creative potential.

"You're a naturally insightful and creative person, so make sure your colleagues recognise this!"

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