Not All Yogurts Are Created Equal | Activia (UK)

Not all yogurts are created equal

A yogurt’s a yogurt, right? Not quite!
Activia’s exclusive blend of five ferments give a unique taste & texture, thanks to a specific formulation of carefully selected ingredients and expert crafting.

Fresh milk

Sourced from our partner farms. Pasteurised and prepared for consistent quality and creaminess.

A unique blend of bacteria

Our 5 specially selected bacterial strains are added to turn our milk into yogurt & remain alive until they reach your gut.

Our careful selection of ingredients

From raw fruit to wholesome grains, we carefully select all our ingredients.

30 years of fermentation expertise

Our creamy texture, delicious taste and unique blend of ferments didn’t just happen by accident. We’ve been mastering the natural fermentation process since 1987. Today, the perfect balance of temperature and time keeps our yogurt cultures growing and our Bidifus multiplying, by the billion.

2021 Danone Ltd. All Rights Reserved. *Activia contains calcium which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes. Enjoy as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

†Contains naturally occurring sugars.