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Our Vanilla Yogurt Range

There’s something really comforting and homely about vanilla; think good old-fashioned vanilla puds and custard, but why stop there when you can venture beyond the norm and explore something different? Why not combine the goodness of gut-loving* Activia yogurt with the comfort of vanilla and get creative! Activia’s range of vanilla yogurts will have you super excited to try out some new yogurt ideas. Here’s how we know your gut loves it: crammed with billions of exclusive cultures and calcium, Activia vanilla yogurt is a yummy aid in supporting gut health*.

A complete Vanilla range – something for everyone!

Our Vanilla Yogurt range has something for everyone. The go-getter? Kick your mornings into high gear with a Vanilla & Granola Breakfast Pot. Looking for the perfect blend for a snack on the move? Explore our full range of breakfasts pots at https://www.danoneactivia.co.uk/products/breakfast-pots/breakfast-pot/activia-breakfast-pot-vanilla-granola/

The snacker? If you’re just a little peckish and need a great snack, we’ve got you sorted with our fat-free,no added sugar[1] choice of Activia vanilla yogurt. Our 0% range guarantees no unwanted fat per spoonful!

The indulgent? Kicking your feet up and ending the day with a pause and a satisfying pot of intensely creamy vanilla yogurt sounds like a good way to love yourself well, from the inside. We feel you. Our full range of luscious and velvety Greek style yogurts will definitely keep each spoonful as decadent as you’re worth. It’s so creamy that you won’t believe it has only 3.3g of fat in each pot. Drool through our full range here: https://www.danoneactivia.co.uk/products/intensely-creamy/intensely-creamy yogurt/activia-intensely-creamy-vanilla/

Wondering what to make with vanilla yogurt

Vanilla yogurt is a great classic that’s simple as a snack idea on its own, but also makes for a fragrant undertone to any recipe. Add left over vanilla yogurt to any basic cake recipe, or simply use it as marinade for chicken. Stir in some fresh fruit to create a bowl of vanilla fruity freshness, or be adventurous by adding some lemon, salt, pepper and mashed avocado to a pot of intensely creamy vanilla yogurt as an interesting party dip. Wondering how to make vanilla frozen yogurt? Add Activia intensely creamy vanilla yogurt to any freezer safe dish and freeze over night.

Classic goodness in vanilla yogurt

With each pot of Activia crammed full of billions of exclusive cultures, it’s easy to embrace the classic yumminess of vanilla. It’s also a source of calcium so you know that each pot is deliciously good for your gut health*. There aren’t many snacks that are more convenient than a pot of yogurt, making vanilla yogurt an easy filler for anyone looking to fill the gap with a delicious choice food.

Here at Activia we make sure each pot of our vanilla yogurt contains an exclusive mix of 5 cultures. That includes the famous Bifidus that reaches your gut alive, as well as the other yogurt cultures strains that support lactose digestion in people having difficulties digesting it. And together this exclusive mix brings a uniquely mild taste and creamy texture to your favourite Activia.

Good gut pleasure

We trust we’ve answered some of your yogurt questions and if you’re still wondering about our gut-loving* breakfast pots, our little pots of deliciousness with no-added sugars1 and 0% fat, or our velvety Intensely Creamy glory, try a pot for yourself. With 35 years worth of expertise in gut health, Activia yogurts have got you covered. With 16 billion cultures in each pot, you’ve got yourself a winner that’ll support you with some gut love* from the inside out.

2021 Danone Ltd. All Rights Reserved. *Activia contains calcium which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes. Enjoy as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

†Contains naturally occurring sugars.