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Do more with a positive mind-set

Positivity has been scientifically proven to improve productivity, helping you achieve immediate goals, and deliver sustained long-term success.

Studies have found that positivity increases brain activity, reduces stress, and releases endorphins – chemical messengers in your blood stream that trigger positive feelings and increase energy levels. So the more positive you are, the more energy you have – making you better equipped to be more productive. Plus, when you’re positive your mind functions more creatively, which gives you greater mental scope and enhances your problem solving abilities.

A positive outlook also has benefits when interacting with others, as people instinctively gravitate towards positivity. Studies have shown that it is fundamental in establishing trust, and great when working with others to achieve a goal.

There are many ways to approach brightening your outlook. Combining a commitment to positive thinking with a holistic, mind-body activity such as yoga can help you keep on track, lifting spirits, reducing stress and making good use of that extra energy to build physical fitness too. From making time to do something you love to ending each day recognising the good things that have happened, taking the steps to overcome negative thoughts can help you reap the rewards of a positive mind-set.

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