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Our Strawberry Yogurt Range

If you are always on the hunt for quick and easy (yet wholesome) food, Activia might be just what you need! We have a whole range of different flavours but you know which one is a classic? Our strawberry yogurt! Wondering what’s inside each pot of our strawberry yogurt? An explosion of carefully selected juicy strawberries and milk that is lovingly fermented with billions of exclusive yogurt cultures! Activia’s delectable pots are perfected with a unique blend of five ferments including the yogurt cultures Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus which your gut loves†!

Yogurts may be common foods, but don’t be fooled into underestimating their importance in your daily diet. Besides its convenience, yogurts make for incredible digestive support* as a natural source of calcium, which is known to contribute to the normal function of digestive enzymes. Loaded with exclusive yogurt cultures and coupled with choice strawberries, these delicious good-for-your-gut-health pots will ease any questions you might have around whether strawberry yogurt is a good addition for a balanced diet.

Strawberry yogurts are super versatile and can creatively be added to different dishes as a healthy treat for the whole family. Keep each recipe as healthy or as decadent as you desire. There are loads of different creations you can make with strawberry yogurt!

A complete range starring strawberries - for every taste!

We are super proud of our entire range of yogurts, but the jewel in the crown of our fruit yogurts has to be strawberry. It’s a classic that you can’t go wrong with. And the best part? We have our strawberry yogurts in 3 distinct creations just so you can pick whichever you like best, or even mix it up a bit!

Our full-fat Activia Strawberry Yogurt are absolutely divine to taste and also fab for a happy gut*, with the billions of exclusive yogurt cultures in each pot! Activia strawberry yogurt is also made with real strawberry bits, so this pot of gut-loving* goodness is sure to make you smile.

Finding your fitness and looking for a gut-loving snack? Say hello to smooth and creamy Activia Strawberry with no added sugars^ and 0% fat yogurt. Our 0% range guarantees no unwanted fat per spoonful! For our full range of fruit yogurts with 0% fat and no-added sugars^, peruse our little pots of deliciousness here: Activia strawberry with no added sugars^ and 0% fat yogurt.

Are you more about the lavish than the lean? Desiring a dash of healthy indulgence? Then we have just the pot for you: sink into our Intensely Creamy Strawberry yogurt. Each spoonful is bursting with divine creaminess that melts in your mouth. You won’t believe that it only has 3.3g of fat in each pot! The cherry on top is that your gut will also love them!. Dive into our luscious and velvety Greek style yogurts at Intensely Creamy Strawberry Yogurt. and make time for some self-love with a bath of bubbles and a pot of glory.

Strawberry yogurt recipes  

Here’s a fun strawberry yogurt recipe for you to try, tailored especially for the little ones – toddlers will go nuts for these scrummy frozen yogurt pops!

1. Homemade Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles (serves: 6)

Let’s get summery with some beach-ready strawberry yogurt popsicles that’ll keep you cool when it gets hot. Bonus: This recipe is also useful for leftover strawberry yogurt you might have from breakfast. For a serving of six popsicles, you’ll need:

  • A popsicle mould (6 portions)

  • 3x 120g pots of Activia Strawberry Yogurt

  • 1 cup (about 120g) of washed and chopped strawberries

Wash and the mix the strawberries with yogurt in a bowl. Decant the mixture into your popsicle mould. If your mould has slots for sticks, insert these before freezing. If not, freeze the popsicles for two hours and then pop wooden popsicle sticks into the middle of each popsicle. Continue to freeze for another five hours.

2. Blueberry Compote with Activia Strawberry Yogurt (serves: 4)

Dreaming about compotes on our warming summer evenings? What’s better than our very own blueberry compote with stirred swirls of Activia Strawberry? To create this dreamy dessert, follow this link: https://www.danoneactivia.co.uk/recipe-blueberry-compote/

Craving extra extravagance? Break out the bubbly and add a few slices of strawberries to each flute. Enjoy whilst savouring each spoonful of blueberry compote.

Good gut choices

Our strawberry yogurt range is very versatile with each pot of Activia’s strawberry yogurt making a great choice as a simple snack, an added treat to a lunchbox, or the main ingredient in new recipes.

If you have yogurt questions and ever wondered what to do with leftover strawberry yogurt, or what can you make with strawberry yogurt, our easy recipes should sort that answer out – no probs. For another easy recipe, check out our Poached

Peaches with Activia Strawberry here (serves: 4): https://www.danoneactivia.co.uk/recipe-poached-peaches/

With 35 years of expertise in the art of crafting delicious gut-loving* yogurts, we at Activia can proudly say that our pots of yogurts are packed with calcium as well as yogurt cultures that your gut will love*.  Loving yourself starts from the inside, and making our fave Activia strawberry yogurts a part of your balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can be a good place to start!

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2021 Danone Ltd. All Rights Reserved. *Activia contains calcium which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes. Enjoy as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

†Contains naturally occurring sugars.